Our values and guiding principals


We aim to:

  • create inspirational outdoor and beach accessories
  • continue to innovate and improve the outdoor experience for all Beachyheads customers
  • uplift and improve your outdoor experience.


We favour:

  • the use of natural materials
  • high-quality materials
  • creating products which are easy to use and are built to last.


We wish to:

  • continue to transform your outdoor experience and thus establish ourselves as the most innovative international beach and outdoor brand
  • treat the limited raw materials remaining on our planet with respect by carefully hand-crafting them into beautiful products that can stand the test of time
  • use local companies and labour to create our products or to provide services, so as to uplift communities who most need support
  • help individuals and families to forge unforgettable outdoor experiences whilst enjoying the sun safely.


Our environmental policy:

  • we use natural materials wherever possible
  • we make our products out of the best materials that we can source, so that they will last
  • we use recycled materials and packaging whenever we can (up to 80% of our packaging material is recycled or reused)
  • we carefully analyse or shipping needs and group deliveries wherever possible to ensure that CO2 emissions are minimised
  • we use local companies when we can to reduce CO2 emissions
  • we make as many local deliveries as we can by bike.