While preparing for the day I came across another company  called beachcandy , who ranges beach clothing.  By pure coincidence our logo has evolved to be very similar to theirs and they are showing great progress on extending their reach internationally.    I admire what they have achieved and feel that our brand needs to change to ensure we have clear air when we launch.

A change at the 11th hour is not ideal. In fact, it is extremely stressful. All the stationary has been printed, website development begun, domain names purchased and woven fabric labels for the products received by the factory.  To change the brand now is a major decision that will have ramifications if we make the wrong choice.  If we proceed to market with beachcandy in South Africa we risk confusing our customers.  If we launch only to then change names, we risk losing the momentum and interest created by our lovely new products.

There is still time (literally 24hours it seems!) to change the brand name before we are committed to beachcandy. It seems we have caught this oversight just in time, and while it will be expensive to change company names now, it would be more expensive to relaunch the brand later and it would be undesirable so early in it’s inception.  In brainstorming company names we initially we arrived at a short-list of three inspiring brand names.  It looks like it is time to go back to the drawing board!