I have been amazed at the complexity and subtle detail included in the best websites. I have scoured the internet looking for the best and worst examples of blogs, ecommerce stores and fashion sites.  There are some amazing sites out there and their WOW factor is no accident. www.seafolly.com.au is a perfect example.


Clever people have put a great deal of time and expertise into creating what comes across as simple elegance. Make no mistake though, underlying the “simplicity” are sophisticated combinations of colours, form and functionality.  To have a website designed by a professional costs a great deal of money and more than my start up capital will permit.  That said, it is a critical element in business today and the strength of your webpages will play a major role in your success (or failure!).  With this in mind and a husband with a long career in IT management, we thought we had it in the bag!  Not so.


It has taken months of trial and error, picking and mixing the best of successful sites.  We have been careful not to settle for what is possible based on our budget and skill sets, but to aim higher and make no compromise with regard to the look and feel of the resulting website.  We agreed early in the piece that if the husband was not able to achieve the look we were after, that professional assistance would be sought out.  Husband has worked tirelessly on the new functionality in areas that were often new to him.  He has researched and experimented with every element of the webpages to try and extend what is possible to achieved by the DIY web developer.  And I am thrilled with the results!  Not only is my husband a dab hand in the kitchen, but he is also savvy tech head.  It just shows what you can do if you put your mind to something. Winner!