I find it interesting that I have not been brave enough to work for myself earlier.  I turn 40 this year and have known for some time, working for several blue chip organisations,  that the quality of my work was high. Or that I am employable at the very least.

On reflection it is a number of factors in my life combing at a single point in time, which provided the mass consensus that ‘now was the time’.  I had always envisaged that starting a business would be scary and overwhelming, riddled with mistakes and steep learning curves. That is not to suggest I have not experienced these elements of company dynamics, but that I have discovered an equal or greater sense of satisfaction in other elements of self employment.  Empowerment, independence, the use of initiative and being able to pro-actively address any approaching hurdles are but a few.

My ability to create a role for myself was always there, but I undervalued it because I sold it to someone else in exchange for security and predictability.  In relinquishing a permanent job I have been able to act on my initiative in a way I have never experienced with an employer.  I have done complete project management before on large budget projects but have always had to seek approval on a progressive basis.

Not having to report in is at least one of the upside of self employment.  It almost balances the fear of losing your money.  Almost…